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Employee Pre-Tax Medical and Prescription Insurance Premium Estimator

The State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) requires employees who elect medical and/or prescription coverage to pay the higher of 1.5% of your base contractual salary or a percentage of the medical and/or prescription premium based on your salary and level of coverage.

You may use the Employee Medical and Prescription Insurance Pre-Tax Premium Estimator to estimate the per pay pre-tax premium that you will pay for your medical and/or prescription coverage.

Annual Base Salary:
(Overtime excluded)

Medical Plan:

Medical Plan
Coverage Level:

Prescription Plan:
Prescription Plan
Coverage Level:


Prescription Drugs are included under the high deductible health plans; therefore, employees electing a high deductible plan may not elect to enroll in the separate Prescription plan.

Information provided by the online estimated Employee Per Pay Medical and/or Prescription calculator should not be construed as a promise that the benefits shall be continued in the future. Future benefits will continue to be determined by the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits.

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