Are benefits taxable?

Yes, they are subject to federal income taxes.

How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, contact a Telephone Reemployment Call Center:

  • Northeast NJ, 201-601-4100;
  • Central NJ, 732-761-2020;
  • South NJ, 856-507-2340;
  • or file online.

What deduction on my paycheck represents unemployment tax?

The deduction is listed as “WD/HC".

What else must I do to continue benefits?

Your unemployment check will include instructions for claiming weekly benefits. You may be requested to meet with a claims officer or attend a reemployment orientation.

What employee types are eligible?

Salaried faculty/staff (Class 1), Short-Term Employee (Class 3), hourly casual (Class 4), part-time lecturers (Class 7), coadjutant casual employees (Class 8).

What employee types are not eligible?

Student hourly (Class 5), Teaching Assistants/Graduate Assistants (Class 6) Post Doc Fellows (Class 9).

What if I was discharged from my job due to misconduct?

You may be disqualified from benefits for the week in which the conduct occurred and for the next 5 weeks. After that period you may be eligible to collect benefits.

What if my claim is denied?

You will have 7 calendar days to submit a written appeal.

What is the maximum benefit?

The maximum benefit is 60% of Average Weekly Wage up to a maximum amount of $624 per week (for claims filed in 2013) up to 26 weeks.

When do I get my first check?

Generally, the 3rd week after filing your claim (checks are always mailed).

When should I file a claim?

You should always file as soon as possible after you become unemployed. Your claim will be dated the Sunday of the week in which you file.

Who should file a claim?

If you become unemployed for reasons beyond your control, you should file a claim. If you voluntarily resign without good cause or retire voluntarily, you may be disqualified.